The workshop was organized by the by Planning, Research and Statistics Department, Monitoring and Evaluation Division, Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Abuja with Resource persons/Facilitators from Softskills Management Consultants. Objectives were to: (i) provide a framework within which a consistent and equitable approach to performance management can be applied; (ii) provide participants with tools and resources to help implement a performance management plan; (iii) help recognize and reward strong performance and identify and deal with under-performance and (iv) help understand how to draw up measurable goals and targets. A total of over 85 participants attended the workshop which included the Ministry’s six (6) Regional Directors, thirty seven (37) State Directors, the thirty seven (37) States Monitoring and Evaluation Officers as well as Officers from the Ministry Headquarters in Abuja.

The workshop opening address was presented by the Director, Planning Research and Statistics, Dr. Umar F. Hussaini, while the welcome address was presented by the Permanent Secretary, Mrs. Ibukun Odusote. In her welcome address, the Permanent Secretary told participants that the Ministry’s Agricultural Transformation Agenda was on course and that as the Regional and State Offices are closer to the farmers, implementation of the Ministry’s activities will be concentrated at the State level. If the Ministry must achieve her objectives, the Regional and State Directors must implement field activities under their purview efficiently as such their roles are critical to the success of the entire Agricultural Transformation Agenda. She also stated that this workshop was carefully design to acquaint the participants with tools required to design and manage performance agreement with emphasis on tracking the Key performance Indicator of the Ministry. Just as the Permanent Secretary signed a Performance Contract Agreement with the Minister, the Regional Directors will be expected in due course to sign Performance Contract Agreement with the Permanent Secretary while the State Directors will sign Performance Contract Agreement with their Regional Director. She thereafter declared the workshop opened.

In order to fully achieve the course objectives, the Course outline included:

  • Introduction to Performance Management
  • Introduction to Performance Agreement
  • The Nigerian Civil Service Performance Agreement
  • Performance Agreement Planning & Goal Setting
  • The Phases of Performance Evaluation & tracking
  • Understanding Ministry of Agriculture  Competencies
  • Performance Improvement Planning: The Nigerian Civil Service Process
  • Managing Results
  • Assessment and Evaluation

The outcomes of the workshop were achieved as participants attested at the closing of the workshop to have learned how to set targets and key performance Indicators for themselves and employees under them.